All about New Igracias

Integrated Services for Academic and non Academic Fields

The Integrated Academic Information system, also known as I-Gracias, is an application that provides services for all Telkom University academic community related to academic and non-academic needs.

I-Gracias uses an SSO (Single Sign-On) system where only one account can be used, the user can use a variety of applications available at Telkom University.


Applications that are incorporated into academic groups are used by several Telkom University academic communities such as students, staff, lecturers, study programs, vice deans, assistant academic managers, vice chancellors to chancellors which include:

  • Registration Application: It is an application that is built to meet the information needs of the registration process such as the offer of the course, scheduling, preparation of study plans (taking the subject and filling out the questionnaire), guardianship, generating bills and payment of study fees.
  • Curriculum Application: The master curriculum database management application that will document the curriculum for teaching.
  • Scheduling Application: It is a scheduling application related to the implementation of lectures such as course schedules and exam schedules.
  • Trusteeship Application: This application is used by guardian lecturers when conducting guidance or guardianship with students. Through this application, all guardianship record data will be accommodated, Lecturer Guardian can also see the graph of the trustee student achievement index.
  • Application Value: Application for managing values ??that aims to make the assessment component aware of the measurement of the quality value (standard value) of students.
  • New Student Registration Application: This application is a service that can be accessed online by users involved in organizing or participating in new student registration.
  • Payment Application: It is an application to manage the payment of student studies during the school year.
  • Scholarship Application: Applications specifically to help manage scholarship data provided by scholarship providers both internally and externally to IT Telkom students and provide scholarship information needed by student affairs in monitoring the study results of students who get scholarships.
  • Student Guardian Application: Application that will facilitate parents or guardians of students to know the progress of the lectures of the students concerned. Information that can be obtained, among others, is the history of trusteeship along with the value, presence and schedule of lectures, courses that have been taken by students and the cost of lecture bills.
  • Graduation Application: Academic support applications in IT Telkom, where this application is used to facilitate the graduation registration process by students and facilitate the management of graduation participant data by the Academic Administration Section (BAA).
  • The Remedial Registration Application: Application that handles each graduation process.
  • Application Application: It is an academic support application in IT Telkom, where this application is used to facilitate the registration process for the geladi.
  • Lecture Application: Is a lecture attendance management application for students.
  • PDPT application: application that relates directly to the application of academic activities on other applications in I-Gracias. This application will help the PDPT IT Telkom task force to evaluate all its academic activities to help extend the study program permit.
  • Application Equivalence: Application that manages the equivalence of student courses according to the applicable rules and curriculum and the equivalence of the new curriculum.
  • Theta Application: Application that handles every process of taking TA / PA I to conduct hearings and academic sessions.

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