Our existence is to support the vision of Telkom University to become a World Class University and involved in the development of science and art based on information technology. At Telkom University, all activities are supported by information technology under the brand name “iGracias”, iGracias as a system, supporting business processes in academic and non-academic activities.

Because… We Care…

Academic and non-academic support in information technology.
Support and input from the academic community is needed for better services
Providing services regarding applications, website management, intranet networks and the internet.


If you have experience difficulties using iGracias system, please submit Ticketing from iGracias Application

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How to Activate Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO or Single Sign On is an account that is used to support academic activities at Telkom University. In addition to accessing iGracias, SSO accounts are also used to access Web mail and blogs. To understand more about what SSO is, you can come to the socialization held by Sisfo from August 2-9, 2016 in […]

Finance Workshop and MM Study Program

This workshop is an activity that is deliberately held as a gathering place for people who come from allied backgrounds to solve a particular problem by discussing or giving each other opinions between one member and another member attended by the Finance Section and MM Study Program.

All about New Igracias

Integrated Services for Academic and non Academic Fields The Integrated Academic Information system, also known as I-Gracias, is an application that provides services for all Telkom University academic community related to academic and non-academic needs. I-Gracias uses an SSO (Single Sign-On) system where only one account can be used, the user can use a variety […]

What is iGracias?

Integrated Application for Collaboration Information System

iGracias (Integrated Application for Collaboration Information System) is an integrated university information system, designed based on the need for comprehensive solutions. iGracias accommodates the needs of universities, covering academic, non-academic business processes, and other supporting applications.